About Us | Why choose AgileHires

As an organization, there are literally hundreds of staffing agencies you could reach out to when it comes to filling your IT needs.

As a candidate, you have the same number of options – or you could just upload your resume to any number of job boards and let them come to you, right?

The founder of AgileHires has the unique perspective of not only being part of a top staffing agency, but being an IT professional who dealt with recruiters dozens of times.

In the interest of your time, here are some of the top ways AgileHires differs from our competition.

If you are a client:

The Competition
1. Every recruiter has first-hand knowledge of the IT industry. Recruiters rarely ever have backgrounds in technology.
2. Is able to be flexible, with fees that start at 15% and payment plans available. Standard IT recruiting fees are between 18-22%, rarely flexible.
3. Utilizes the most resources for finding the perfect candidate.
Uses the job boards(Monster, Careerbuilder, etc) 90% of the time. (which you could have paid for yourself)
4. We take time to meet each candidate in person to determine if they indeed a great fit. Usually finds and forwards resumes after a quick phone conversation. (or none at all!)

If you are a candidate:

The Competition
1. Knowledge of the IT industry, can give specifics about the actual responsibilities. Unable to explain exactly what you’d be doing besides reading you the job description.
2. Delivers specifics about the role, the company, and the team you will be a part of. Keeps details close to the vest – worried about losing a potential deal.
3. Gives feedback on your resume, helping make you more attractive on the job market. No feedback given, but they will modify your resume without you asking at times.
4. Consistent follow up and feedback as to why you did not get an interview or were not hired. Silence. Perhaps a call a weeks or months later.
5. If you are actively seeking, will actively market you to open positions rather than letting your resume sit in a pile. Leaves your resume to collect dust, only calling you when they have a job that you could be a fit for.

At AgileHires, we have a passion for how recruiting should be done. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed with your experience with us. Any more questions? Please email us!